Farmhouse table

When I moved into my house a little over a year ago, I moved from a home totally decorated out in coastal theme-turtles, fish, coral, all that good stuff. We moved to a red brick ranch house in the middle of a sort of farm. I started watching Fixer Upper when I was pregnant with our daughter and fell in love with the country decor.

Now, I am a teacher and a mama of two, so I decided to get creative to save money when I began to slowly turn this brick ranch into a house with some farmhouse flair. In the basement of the house we moved into was this old table my mom had in her house about 15 years ago. It was stained espresso with some spider web looking decorations-not my style to say the least. I decided that I would try to turn this into a farmhouse chic table, spending no money, and only the materials in my garage. If it went horribly wrong, oh well. My mom didn’t want the table anyways and I wasn’t out any money.

Step 1-I knocked all of the decorative spider web looking things off with a hammer and my hand 🙂

Step 2-I started doing a light sanding on the table. I used just a sander block and regular sand paper. My three year old helped with this. I didn’t sand it much, just enough to get the shiny gloss off.

Step 3-I looked in the basement to see what kind of paint was left over from the work on the house. I found a kind of cream, off white. I thought it looked rustic and it would do. It was literally what the painters had just painted on the wall and what was left over-like I said, I am cheap and set out to do this project for $0.

Step 4-My 3 year old and I painted that table. We would paint some, let it dry, go back and touch up more. It was by no means neat, but that is the beauty about farmhouse chic-it can look kind of messy and you will turn it into something beautiful and one of a kind.

Step 5-Once it was dry, my son and I got some more sand paper and just started sanding it, seeing what looked good. If we sanded it too much, we painted another light coat over the section that looked junky.

Step 6-I found a spray sealer in the basement and did a light coat of that over the table and presto! Project complete!

I spent no money out of pocket for this project BUT if you didn’t just have random materials on hand like I did, it could be a pretty cheap project if you could find a deal on the table.

Cost breakdown:

table: free for me-try craigslist or ask family and friends if they are getting rid of furniture. You could spend as little or as much on this as you would like.

sandpaper-free from my basement. You could order a 4 piece block sanders for $8.49 off amazon. They also have sandpaper at the dollar store!

Paint-free for me, leftover from painting the interior of the house. You could go to any popular craft store and get all the paint you needed for no more than $8

Spray paint sealer-free for me (leftover), but about $4 at any craft store.

Projected total cost of project: about $15 NOT including the table. That is pretty good for a farmhouse table!

This is right after Jackson and I finished with the project

The table after I decorated it with all items that I had. Some of these items I made and will do a post about these decor pieces and how much it cost to make or alter them to fit my farmhouse chic look!

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I am a wife, mom of two, teacher, and lover of all things farmhouse! I enjoy spending time with my family, riding around on the farm, and creating rustic home decor crafts!

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  1. Great job, Jenna! I love the farmhouse look.
    You can find great buys on paint at most paint stores…they have paint that was mixed wrong, or customer did not like. I got 2 gallons for only $5 each!


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