Rustic Key Holder

If you are anything like my family, you are constantly losing stuff-especially keys! My husband and I were always asking each other where the keys went. I started looking online at etsy and other sites to see about key holders and while some people make some pretty amazing things, I just didn’t see anything I liked well enough to spend the cash on.

I decided I would try to make my own with my very poor carpentry skills. I found some extra shiplap in the basement, already pre-cut to 28 inches long (I know, my basement is a place where treasure is stored). I really am not comfortable using a saw so I just decided that my key holder would be 28 inches long.

My son and daughter and I were in hobby lobby one day and I came across some hooks that I absolutely loved! The link is here

These hooks come in two different colors-white and blue. I decided to get two of each and get to work. I didn’t paint the shiplap, it was already primed and I thought the white prime would go nicely against my gray wall. I used my drill and drilled the hooks in (eyeballing it), then I used a screwdriver to screw a claw hanger on the back and I hung it up in my entry way. It is definitely not sturdy enough to hang a purse on or anything, but it is great for hanging keys!

Cost of project:

shiplap: free for me, but at home depot it costs $4.98 for an 8 foot long board, so you can make quite a few projects from that. Link below

Home Depot will also cut the board for you in whatever size you want in the lumber section, so you can customize the size for your space

hooks: $1.49 each and I bought four so $5.96 plus tax (see link above)

Claw hook-I got a hanging kit from the Dollar Tree with an assortment of hanging hardware

Total cost of project: about $12 plus tax

Here is the finished project, hanging on my wall, before it was loaded up with keys!

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I am a wife, mom of two, teacher, and lover of all things farmhouse! I enjoy spending time with my family, riding around on the farm, and creating rustic home decor crafts!

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