Kitchen Hardware Holder

I decided for my project last night I would try to create a holder for all my kitchen spoons and spatulas. I have this really beautiful one my grandmother gave me, but it is getting quite crowded (and it would just be too easy to get rid of some spoons 😉 ). Instead of throwing away utensils, I thought I would try to make a larger holder.

Above is the finished product. I may do another coat of gray on it just to make sure the color is even, but it turned out alright.

Here is what you need:

  1. Some sort of container-I used an empty baby formula container
  2. super glue (I got a three pack of super glue-gel from the Dollar Tree)
  3. Twine (I got a huge spool from the Dollar tree)
  4. Paint (I got a $0.70 container of gray from Michaels craft store) and a paintbrush

Step 1: Wash out your container and peel all of the wrapping off

Step 2: Take your twine and super glue a piece to the bottom of the container, about 2 inches long

Step 3: Start wrapping the twine around and around your container, stopping periodically to secure the twine with superglue. Wrap it stacking the twine around-make sure you pull it tight so it fits snugly together. If it is loose, it will be harder to paint and you will have more gaps.

Wrap the twine until you get to the top, then cut and secure the last section with superglue

Step 4: Paint your container whatever color you want!

Total cost of Project:

$1 for the glue

$1 for the twine

$0.70 for the paint

Total cost: $2.70 plus tax-not bad for a quick diy utensil holder

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I am a wife, mom of two, teacher, and lover of all things farmhouse! I enjoy spending time with my family, riding around on the farm, and creating rustic home decor crafts!

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